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Giving Back While Keeping Social Distance

So we are in week two of social distancing. Some cities are on lock down, have curfews, and most restaurants are on a drive through only. For anyone who is used to getting out and giving back to others, it is hard to be secluded, even when you are with your family.

I had three different events scheduled between now and April 30 that have been canceled/postponed due to this. For pageantry, getting out there and speaking, volunteering, and giving back to others can be a VITAL part of your scores. It shows both the Directors and the Judges that you have what it takes to not only promote your platform and yourself,but that you can promote the pageant brand in a positive way.

So, to keep us all on the philanthropy train and giving back to others in need during a social distancing epidemic, here are a few ways you can give back to others.

1.) Wands for Wildlife: As you start spring cleaning you may want to consider cleaning out your makeup drawer. Did you know that mascara should be discarded after 3 months??? Some of you are shaking your heads while others are dropping your jaw. Newsflash, bacteria starts growing in that tube and on that wand the minute you open it. If you want a horror story on using old Mascara, just ask me. I had a severe allergic reaction to old mascara AT THE BEACH in 2008. I could hardly open my eyes because of the pain and my full vision did not come back for 48 hours. So, trust me when I say throw it out. BUT, here's the catch, only throw out the tube and save the wand! Take warm, soapy water and clean the mascara off the wand and send to Wands for Wildlife. They use these wands to remove fly eggs and larva from wild animals. They collect them twice a year so now is the time to get started saving them to send in October! You can also view their wishlist online for immediate needs!

2.) Write a letter or two to the people in the retirement home. One thing I have always heard is that being in a retirement home can be lonely and depressing but visitors make things so much nicer. Right now these residents are not getting to see and get loved on by family, friends, church pastors, or kids that would typically come brighten their day. Consider writing letters to one of the local retirement homes, children's hospital, or recovery centers in your area to tell them you hope they are doing well and are thinking about them. This is something my boys and I plan to do this week!

3.) Post videos or blogs on interesting topics or helpful things. One thing I did on Sunday was do a Facebook live Children's Church. It was real, it had my kids being silly and my dog, Holly, joined in on most of the fun. It was definitely not a professional production but it was fun and I have had tons of comments on thanking me for doing it. I plan to do it again this Sunday. If someone prayed with me or danced to the song I was silly dancing to, to glorify God then I made an impact.

My friend, Leia, is doing dance videos on a group called, "Dancing Alone, Together" so her dance students can still dance while they are doing remote learning.

4.) Gather items while you are spring cleaning to donate to local organizations. If you have new bags that you forgot about, consider setting them to the side to fill with items for children in foster care (aka the Queen of Bags Initiative). If you have gently used clothing, set it to the side and when the social distancing is done, send it to the Christian Mission store or another organization that helps battered women and children, or an agency that helps people get prepared for job interviews. Lastly, if you have some fancy dresses you cannot wear anymore or a slew of bridesmaid dresses that will never darken daylight again, consider donating them to a local organization that helps people in need. An example is Becca's Closet, to help young girls have prom dresses.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and is ready to jump into hump day tomorrow! Talk to you soon!


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