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No Plastics July

Happy Hump Day! Can you believe that June is almost over?! There are several things I love about July, including my Birthday (YAY), our Nation's birthday, and of course, No plastic July!

It is something that can be very overwhelming to think about cutting out all plastics, but if you take the initiative to reduce your plastic intake daily, you can make a huge difference in our economy and for future generations.

Below I am going to give you a few ways you can take the first steps to reduce your plastic intake during the month of July, and hopefully carry it on to the rest of the year!

  1. Switch to a reusable water bottle. This is so easy. Not only is it cheaper but it's convenient and guarantees you always have your water when needed.

2.) Drop the plastic straw and grab some reusable ones! This is also an easy way to make a big impact without much effort other than a few dollars!

3.) Bring your lunch in reusable containers! It is so easy to us items like Tupperware containers, reusable cutlery, small containers for dressings, fruit, granola, etc. and reusable baggies for sandwiches, chips, and whatever else you are eating.

4.) Drop the disposable coffee cup and get a reusable cup! I make my own coffee but I know some people cannot live without Starbucks every day but that does not mean you have to keep trashing cups, instead, grab one of the Starbucks reusable cups and save a little money and a piece of the Earth!

I use my hot pink Yeti coffee cup with my metal straw. I have a 30 mile commute so I can pour the coffee at 7AM and by the time I get to work and settled and have my first sip about 8:15, it's still warm. Forewarning, though, if you don't want to scald your mouth, do NOT pour the coffee and immediately drink out of a Yeti because I can assure you it is extremely HOT!

5.) Lastly, here are 31 examples from of ways you can go plastic free all month long! I love all of these ideas and plan to try some of the ones I have not yet. I have not switched to bar shampoo but my Mother in Law recently found some in Savannah and says she loves it. I can tell you I have tried detergent that comes in a plastic free container (it comes in a thin cardboard like envelope and is strips you drop in) and they work well!

I hope you will take the above list and consider making a few of these, not only part of your July, but also a part of your continued commitment to reduce your plastic intake!

Have a great week, and happy soon to be No Plastic July!

Allison Wilkinson

Mrs. Georgia Petite

Eco Mom


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