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Beating the Odds - Talk Derby to me!

Who watched the 148th Kentucky Derby this past Saturday?!?! If you didn't, I encourage you to go back and watch the replay because it was honestly one of the greatest athletic events I have ever witnessed! Rich Strike, the horse that was entered in last minute and was at greatest odds to win came from behind and in a hail Mary effort pushed his way to the front to take home the W in the best come from behind victory of all time. It was also a great reminder to each and every one of us that sometimes, just sometimes, the underdog, or in this case, the underhorse, gets the golden goose!

My friends and I had a wonderful time at our friend, Eric's, annual Kentucky Derby party. It's always fun to dress up, wear a cute hat, and of course, cheer on the underdog!

I went for the party but then after watching this amazing come from behind victory, against all odds, I got so much more out of it. It was a life lesson that each and everyone of us should take a look at and realize that when life gets us down and when we think there's no way to get it done, you got to dig deep and never stop believing in yourself because the underdog does prevail even when the odds are not the best! It should also be in our back pocket to use as an example for our kids when things seem out of reach to remind them that nothing is impossible if we trust in ourselves and never give up on our dreams!

One thing I love so much about pageantry is that just when you think you've hit your peak, there's an entire mountain in the distance opening another door to another opportunity.

Someone posted the below on Facebook and I found this to be an absolute perfect reminder that you do not have to be the best or the brightest star to win the race. Whether it be in sports, at work, in a pageant, or life in general you do not have to be perceived as the best to make an impact.

I believe that God sent 'this' horse to run 'this' race to encourage us all to never give up...even if you think you can't do it, even if people say you can't do it and don't believe in you! Never freaking give up!

Wow, what an incredible race!!

Wow, what an incredible ride!!!

Rich Strike wins $1.86Million.

Entered the race yesterday 30 seconds before the deadline.

Only got in the race because the 20th horse had to scratch yesterday.

Started from the worst post position on the outside of the track.

Had to make his way through the field of 19 other horses from the back.

His race career; 7 starts, one win.

His jockey, Sonny Leon, had never been to the Kentucky Derby.

His trainer, Eric Reed, has never raced a horse in the Kentucky Derby.

Eric Reed tragically lost nearly two dozen race horses in a barn fire a few years ago and struggled with quitting.

Eric Reed lost his two assistant trainers last year to cancer.

Rich Strike was purchased in a claiming race last fall for only $30,000.

80-1 odds.

This horse had no idea he was a long shot. He had no idea that he was entered last minute, because another horse scratched. He had no idea that his trainer and jockey had never won the Kentucky Derby. So he ran…and WON! He even had enough left after a mile and a quarter to give hell to the pony horse! Congratulations to Rich Strike and all of his connections

Rich Strike wins the 148th Kentucky Derby!!

What an incredible success story!!!

Never give up on your dreams!!!

Never stop trying. Never stop digging deep. You may not be the "projected winner" or even considered a contender for whatever it is you're going for but that does not mean you won't come from behind and defy all odds just like Rich Strike!

See you soon!



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