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Upcycling to make oldies new goodies!

So anyone who knows me knows I cannot stand to waste things. Eric says I'm a hoarder, I saw I'm thrifty and sentimental. Po-tay-to - Po-tot-to, right? Some people may throw things out when they are done with it but I try my darndest to find a way to upcycle and make it new again. (Hey, I am Mrs. Eco Earth US, ya know!)

I had four cute little pumpkins that were at my Meme's house. I put them in the yard sale pile but they did not sell. I decided instead I would find something to do with them and see if I could spruce them up! Below is the craft project I did! :)

I went to the local Hobby Lobby and picked up a few supplies. I got an acrylic spray paint because I was afraid normal spray paint may be too harsh on the Styrofoam type material. I also got liquid gold leaf paint. I had seen on Home and Family on The Hallmark Channel and how easy it was to paint with it and knew I had to try it! I love burgundy so that's the color I went with!

This is what the gold leaf paint looks like!

So, I got outside and wiped my pumpkins down and sat them on some newspaper and sprayed them several layers until you could no longer see the orange on any side. The smaller pumpkins has some green something on the top, one had a leaf, and the other had some white places peeping through from age so I had to make sure I could get all of that covered. Again, the acrylic spray was awesome because it did not streak, run, or start eating into the foam. It gave them a painted look but in much less time!

Once the pumpkins were good and dry (which took no time at all) I was ready to shine them up!

I got my gold leaf paint and a small paint brush and went to town. Note, the gold leaf paint dries really quick. I painted on a layer to all my pumpkins and then went to give my boys a quick bath and my paintbrush was almost hard when I got back! So, if you are taking more than a few minutes in between painting, be sure to wash it and close the cap to the paint.

Once I got my pumpkins painted the way I wanted, I grabbed the mod podge and gold glitter!

I sponged on mod podge where I wanted the glitter to be and then sprinkled the glitter on top of the mod podge. The great thing about the craft glue is that it dries nice and clear.

Remember that once you are done with the Mod Podge to clean the sponge good or it will be hard as a rock too!

I let them sit overnight so they could dry before I tried to shake off the excess glitter. One of the little pumpkins had an old looking leaf on it. I wondered how it would look and I am happy to report that the gold leaf paint turned out so beautiful on it!

I got up the next morning and shook off the excess glitter and now they are adorable!

This craft was so easy and took no time at all to do. If you have kiddos that are a little older they would probably love to do something like this for their room or even on real pumpkins. If they are uncarved they will easily last the whole season so maybe your big orange pumpkins can be spray painted to white or burgundy for Thanksgiving.

Happy crafting my friends and remember, "One woman's trash is another woman's DIY project!" Have a great week y'all!

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