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A Green Vacation!

It's finally summer! The days are long, the nights are full of lightening bugs and pulling the wagon around the block and, of course, vacation!!! I am so excited to take my boys to the beach next week with my family and then again with Eric's family. One thing I always want to do is have a green vacation! It is so easy to have a green vacation if you do a few simple things.

1.) Pick the right sunscreen! If you read one of my earlier blogs you will see a full breakdown of sunscreens that are better for the environment, including ones that will not harm ocean life. I found a new mineral sunscreen at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago for the same price as the normal, harmful chemical sunscreen. The only difference I've seen is that it sprays out a little thicker but that makes it easier to see to rub in so I'm good with it! The below sunscreen is only about $6.99 at TJ Maxx, which is even better!

2.) Always carry some grocery bags with you to put your trash in and an extra to pick up trash that others left behind. The boys love helping me keep our environment clean and will regularly help me pick things up. With windy spoofs here and there, it is so easy for items to go flying, without notice. Keep a grocery bag tied to your umbrella and toss everything in there. If your favorite beach has a recycle bin, take separate bags so you can put your recyclables in their own bag. When you feel like getting up and walking around, take a bag and pick up trash. You're getting some exercise and helping the environment!

3.) Take your items in reusable baggies, tupperwares, and cups. I am so excited about these cute reusable baggies. They come in various sizes and are great for chips, veggies, fruit, and even your cellphone. They are washable and some bags can even be put in the microwave.

These cute things are for sandwiches versus a baggie! I love these and since my boys are "sandwich boys" they are perfect for them! The cute designs make them fun too and can even go in the dishwasher!

So when you get ready to go on vacation, be sure to get some of these awesome items so you can have a green vacation!

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