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Summer Fun!

Summer is right around the corner (well for us summer is already here and with the heat the boys h ave been swimming for a month! LOL) and it will not be long before school is out and the kids are all about fun in the sun. I cannot wait to go to the beach and spend my weekends by the pool or lake but I also want to make sure the boys are still learning while having fun.

Below are some of the things I have found to be a great learning source without letting them know they are actually learning!

1.) Daily Summer Activities: this is a great 10 week book that gives practice activities from math, reading, short vowel word lists, and more! There are multiple age levels and several books. If you have an Office Max in your area, they have these books in stock!

2.) Learning Apps: Okay, so if you are like me you get super tired of a tablet but at the same time it can be an amazing learning source if you have the right apps downloaded. The below website will give you great apps for each grade all the way up to 8th grade!

3.) Learning games! My kiddos are just getting to the age where they like to play games and put together puzzles. This is such a great way to get their minds working and thinking about different outcomes. Below is a great link that gives you the best learning games for kids of all ages!

4.) Usborne books (and books in general). I love Usborne books and love how interactive they are. I also love Scholastic books. If you ever get on Pinterest you can find just about anything you want. So, use this link to find all of the new Usborne book titles of 2019.

This link is the listing of the best Usborne books:

This link is the best sellers of Scholastic books. A few recommendations.

1.) The Wonkey Donkey

2.) Pete the Cat Phonics

3.) Harry Potter Paperback Boxed Set.

Good luck this summer while your kiddos are home and loving the summer life. Remember there is always an opportunity to teach them new things while they are having fun!

Happy Summer!!! And parents....try your best to have a little adult time here and there! LOL

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