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Valentine's Day Cards for Methodist Home

Here we are, the last day before I head to Vegas for National's! I am SOOOO excited and nervous all in one but know God has an amazing plan for me, regardless of the outcome. One thing I am excited about going is that on Sunday night after the pageant and before our Red Eye back to Georgia, I get to indulge in an awesome dinner at Battista's Hole in the Wall! If you have never eaten there I am telling you now, EAT THERE! Last time we went to Vegas I had multiple people tell us to go and boy were we glad. It's a huge four course meal, they bring you all you can drink wine (Yippee) and end the meal with dessert and a cappuccino. After the pageant I am going to be really excited to bust my diet for the evening! Hehe. I am attaching their website so you can drool!

On another note, I have been trying to wrap up a few last minute things at home before I head out and one of those was getting Valentine's Day cards made for the children at the Methodist Home. If you have never heard of the Methodist Children's Home, I highly encourage you to visit their website listed below.

For the last three years, I have had the privilege of going to John Milledge Academy and speaking to elementary aged kids on foster care and the reason why we should always give back to others. It has amazed me each and every time I go how these kids are so excited to help make cards to give to other children their age.

True, it is just a card with some cute stickers and a We Love You on it but to see one child tell another child they love them, sight unseen, and also tell them that God loves them, wow, that's powerful. The reason being, I know they mean it. I flipped through all 88 cards Monday night and read each individual entry and it simply blew me away. These kids are so thoughtful and want to make the other children feel loved. This is what it is all about for me. No, it didn't cost much money to do this, but the love they are sharing by giving to others is priceless.

I usually hand deliver the cards but with the pageant being this weekend and me flying out tomorrow, the 90 mile round trip was not possible since I did not need to take off work. Instead, I mailed them at my favorite post office! I know the guys there and one of them lives in the same small town I do so they are always so friendly and are willing to chat. I also frequent the post office a lot, apparently! I was very appreciative of them being willing to stop and do a photo for me before I sent them on their way to Elizabeth and Sherard!

So, take the time to do something small for someone else. If you have kiddos, get them to help. My boys love to do crafty things so next go around I plan on having them make some cards for some of the elderly ladies at our church and hand deliver them on a Wednesday night in front of some others so they can get a little attention and see how rewarding it can be.

I hope you all will keep me in your thoughts and prayers this weekend for the Mrs. US Earth Pageant. I know God has an amazing plan and someone in our group will be the perfect titleholder. I very much hope and pray it is me, but am confident that our God has this and will work out the way it is supposed to. Please pray for safe travels for Eric and Me as well as all of my sister Queens coming from across the US over the next two days and then back home Sunday and Monday.

God Bless!



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