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Giving Back to Tamassee

I was so honored to be a part of a donation drive today to give items for the Tamassee DAR School thrift store. Have you ever heard of Tamassee? I had not either until I joined the DAR. My ancestor, Amos Beckwith, fought in the Revolutionary War and because of this I am eligible to be a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). I am proud of this since he fought for our freedom from Great Britain and helped us become the United States of America! Now, back to Tamassee. In 1914, ladies in the DAR in South Carolina recognized the need for isolated children living in the Appalachian Mountain areas of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina to have a school so they voted to establish Tamassee. The school opened in 1919 and will be celebrating 100 years of helping children this year!

Mama and Me with all the items we collected for the thrift store.

The Tamassee School is 110 acres that once was a boarding school for girls in Applachian. Today it is a school for children within the Department of Family and Children's Services (Foster Care) as well as through Private placement based on need. Children who are at Tamassee have the opportunity of going back home, entering foster care through a loving family or spending their time there until they graduate high school. God is also a main focus at the school!

The Sandersville DAR's (Jared Irwin Chapter) were so excited to partner with the Milledgeville DAR's, the Macon DAR's, and the St. Mary's DAR's to load up an entire van full of "thrift" to send back. The items sold at the Thrift store help them with their every day needs! Next time you have some items you are no longer needing or want to clean out, consider finding an organization such as Tamassee to donate them to. Every little bit counts!

For more information on Tamassee, please visit their website:

Some of the amazing ladies of DAR, a representative from Tamassee, and a van full of "thrift" to help make the kiddos some money!

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