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That Little Boost of Confidence

So I am in the final days before the Mrs. Earth pageant (insert Kevin McCallister face here!). Like so many ladies, I am in the days where I am really watching what I eat and as my boys shove in pizza I'm eating a salad and I'm talking myself into a second lap around the block at night even when I don't want to. I know, it may sound silly but no matter the outcome next week, I want to feel my best self on stage and doing this makes me feel this way. Sometimes I have to make myself laugh to get through it with snapchat faces and boy bands on Pandora (like when I was up before everyone walking the beach on vacation. Ha, don't get me wrong...exercise on the beach or exercise at the gym....I'll take the beach please!)

One thing about the week before a pageant is you start to second guess yourself. We all do (well, 90% of us do) and the question comes up, "Am I good enough" and "Have I worked hard enough" to deserve the title. For most all of us it is a big fat YES. This morning I woke up a little nervous and a little scared (and still a lot excited) because it was my last day of work before the pageant. My mind was going in 100 directions knowing all I had to get done so I didn't leave Cindy hanging next week while also worrying about packing for the beach for myself and the boys as well as the about stress! To top it off, I had a major wardrobe malfunction and my sweet friend, Courtney, came to the rescue once again to show off her seamstress skills in a 4 day turnover. To say she's a God-sent friend is an understatement!

Right when I pulled up to work this morning I saw I had a text from my sweet former student worker, Alston, telling me how amazing I looked in my pictures from the 4th (specifically my arms). GIRRRLLLLL, she didnt' know it but it was exactly the push I needed. I jumped out of my car like I had just won the lottery, skipped up the flight of stairs to my office and just had a new aura about me. Why? Because she gave me that boost of confidence I needed to keep me going.

So here's my question....have you ever thought something really nice about someone but didn't tell them? Maybe someone just looked extra nice one day or they looked like they had lost weight. Why didn't you tell them? I think sometimes we get nervous to give compliments in fear the other person won't respond well or may be embarrassed you called them out. I got news for you, they won't 90% of the time. You never know what someone may be going through. You may see someone at lunch that looks really nice. Well, give them that compliment. They may be going to a job interview and you just gave them that confidence to push through it.

Now below is a picture of my beautiful Mama. She may kill me for putting this on there but I just want everyone to see how beautiful she is (inside and out) and I cannot say enough how blessed I am to be her daughter. She makes me a better Mama by being a more calm and laid back person compared to my high stress, low patience self. :) I am so excited that she and my daddy are coming with me to Las Vegas to cheer me on!

Now, as you leave for the weekend, go out and find someone to compliment. You never know what they may need it for today.

Alston, you made my day from a simple text that gave me the boost I needed to keep pushing. No matter what the outcome is next week, I know I have beautiful friends and family that have my back and thanks to my sweet friend, Courtney, I have a dress that won't malfunction during my opening number! Ha!

Happy Friday Friends!

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