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Having a Green Summer

It's Summer!!! For most of us this also means the kids are out of school too! Teachers, I just wanted to say, "Bless your hearts" I know you've earned your summer break!

For those of you getting ready for a fun week at the beach, on the lake, by the pool, or having a BBQ, be sure to remember that even with friends, family, and fun, you can still be eco-friendly!

I've been trying to figure out ways my family can be more eco-friendly especially during the summer months when it seems more people are subject to buying disposable plates, plastic wear, and drinks versus a reusable water bottle.

One thing that worries me is if I am recycling everything I can and if I am putting things in there that they cannot recycle. This takes away time and energy from those who process the items and even prevents them from recycling things due to the wrong items being thrown in the bins or not being cleaned properly. Glad has an awesome website with multiple helpful hints from what can and cannot be recycled to creating your own compost bin and cool crafts for kids.

I'm so excited for the compostable trash bags that Glad has now! One thing I have learned is that there IS a difference between biodegradable and compostable trash bags and that we need to be using compostable trash bags. According to the website, if biodegradable bags end up in the landfill they do not go away because the landfills block out air, moisture, and sunlight, which is needed to degrade properly. Another fact is that biodegradable bags are not regulated while compostable bags are. Compostable bags are BPI certified, which is Government approved. Biodegradable are not. Lastly, if you throw the compostable bag into your compost it will degrade!

I've got a great project for the kids that I will be posting about last this week once we have done it on upcycling crayons! Stay tuned for the play by play on this project! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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