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Another round of bags!

Wednesday was a great day for another round of bags to be delivered to Jones County DFCS! This is the second time I have given bags to Jones County and they are always so nice and grateful. It is so amazing to me how people's lives cross one another and you find out you have a commonality. Ashley, pictured below in the navy blue, and I met last year through the Jaycees. She came with another member to an event and I found out she was employed by DFCS. I told her I wanted to do some bags and we switched information. A few weeks later we figured out we went to the same church! Our church has about 1,000 members so it's not unusual to meet someone and find out the attend there, even though you had never met! After posting pictures so my Facebook page I found out that the other lady was a friend's mom that I had never met. Again, another connection for future reference!

One thing I love about giving these bags is the expression and thankful gratitude that the employees of DFCS give. They KNOW these bags will mean something to the children that come in and are always sure to tell me so. They were absolutely gushing over the elephant, mice, fox, and cat faced book bags and saying over and over that these were going to a major hit for these kids. Why does it matter? No, a sparkly book bag or a cool camo bag may not seem like much, but when you don't have much it is a pretty big deal. These kids have likely never had anything like this before to call their own, so to give them something that they not only need, but will be excited and proud to use is amazing. I want these children to snag some necessitates (like the toothbrush and toothpaste) while also getting something special for them (the bag, the blanket, the teddy) that they can enjoy. It may not be much but it will mean the world to these kids! How do I know? I am constantly told by DFCS employees across the state and foster parents who have watched kids come into their house carrying bags I donated. The best yet, though, came from my sweet student worker who after three years told me she had once been in foster care. She told me these bags were amazing and she wished she had received one when she entered the system. She then helped me get donations through one of her civic groups on campus. If that's not powerful testimony to God's Will, I don't know what is?!

If you ever want to help with these bags or are a part of an organization that is looking for a good cause to donate to, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you get involved! Remember, these kids are our future. Steve Jobs was adopted and he made a drastic impact on our world today. What if his adoptive parents had not taken that plunge to welcome him in to their home and give him the love and support? You may not be reading this from that iPhone! Children need to be told their value every day, regardless of their background because EVERY child deserves to feel special, loved, and wanted!

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