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Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Nothing scares me worse than the thought of my children getting the flu during the winter time! We got our flu shots (well, Eric didn't and he said he's testing if he gets it over us. Umm, okay sweetums, but I'm not testing it!) I actually had NEVER gotten the flu shot until Judson was born but have gotten it every year since then. Why? Because if my doctor tells me to give my children the flu shot and I don't, what kind of example am I setting? They were lucky this year, though, and got the mist, so no needles for them! I was doing heel kicks right beside them because I did not have to watch them scream. Nonetheless, whether you choose to get the flu shot or not, there are a lot of ways to help decrease your chances on getting the flu and everyone should try to prevent the spread!

I was absolutely shocked (and terrified) when I read an article on MSN this morning that said Georgia and Colorado were the only two states suffering with HIGH flu activity! I've got that link on here for you to read below my picture! I then went on to read the 25 habits that increase your flu risk on BESTLIFE (link below also) so I could see what NOT to do to hopefully help our odds. Most things are pretty straight forward like washing your hands with warm soapy water versus depending on hand sanitizers or a quick rinse, not coughing into the air for everyone else to ingest, avoiding high populated areas, and taking your vitamins.

Another thing it talks about is the need to stay active by working out and exercising but not over exasperating yourself and getting dehydrated ! If you over-do it at the gym and do not get the hydration needed, you are actually HURTING yourself and increasing your flu chances! So remember that even with those New Year Resolutions remember your limits and do not over-do it! Slow and steady wins the race, right?!

Getting outside versus staying cooped up and getting some Vitamin D, even if it's just a brisk walk for 5-10 minutes is also a great idea! It was absolutely freezing last night (okay, it was 48 but in Georgia that is frigid weather! LOL) but my good friend, Laura, and I committed to walking for 30 minutes after Bible study while our kids were finishing up their Mission Friends. At first I was not motivated but having one of my besties with me kept me accountable and by the time we were finishing up, we took one more lap for good measure. I felt so much better about myself and slept better last night too!

*For motivation on working out, see my blog from earlier this week!* :)

Below is a picture of one of my other besties, Alison, (yep, same name, one less L - we Allison's/Alison's like to stick together!) right before we ran a 5K at Christmas. I managed to push a double stroller up and down the hills of downtown with my boys getting in and out the entire time. I would be lying if I didn't say the struggle was real but it was a lot of fun and I finished in under 45 minutes and in the front half of the pack. Not bad considering I was running for 3 pushing a 40 pound stroller! LOL!

Here's How Bad the Flu Is in Your State article:

25 Habits That Increase Your Flu Risk article:

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