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Working out when all you want to say is, "I don't wanna!"

Some days are just so hard to get motivated to go to the gym. I have always been a healthy person and a consistent exerciser but never did I really have any weight issues or worry about my looks until I gave birth in 2015. I just "assumed" the weight would fall off since I was nursing. The first 20 pounds did but that pesky 15 other pounds just would.not.go.away and man, was that trying on me both from an emotional and self esteem stand point. I made a commitment to myself in the fall of 2015 that I was going to get myself back into shape and that's when I began pageantry. I knew if I had a goal to work towards that I would work harder than if I just said I wanted to feel better. My goal was getting on stage the following June in a swimsuit and not feeling embarrassed about myself. I started going to the gym 3-5 times a week on my lunch hour. I would pack a healthy lunch and eat before I went to work out. After my workout I would have a lite snack for the afternoon and then be somewhat lenient on my dinner with family. The weight dropped quickly and the next thing I knew, I was sitting in my skinny jeans on Christmas Eve and feeling more proud of myself than I think I ever had. I set the goal and I reached it! It also didn't hurt that Eric was constantly telling me how beautiful I was and encouraging me to not give up, helping me by suggesting healthier options at night, and not buying those yummy Little Debbie brownies we loved so much! Sigh.

Now, three years later I have kept up my routine. I give myself a little slack here and there so I don't get burned out but try to remember that I had to bust it to get to where I am so why have to do that again when I can just continue what I am doing and keep my skinny pants on comfortably! My biggest issue most days is finding the motivation to go and not making up excuses on why I can't go (it's so cold so I don't want to change, it's hot and I don't want to be stinky at work, I want to go to hobby lobby and get craft ideas, I'm too busy to leave work, and on and on!) This is why I have to give myself a goal and remember what I'm working towards. Sometimes I need multiple goals to get me going. Some days I will put on a pair of pants that are a little tight so that by the time lunch comes I'm so excited to change for an hour to go to the gym I will! Hahaha! Whatever works, right?! My pageants are a huge goal. I want to be my absolute best self on stage. Sure, I am confident in my platform, I have a gorgeous dress, my interview seems to get better every time from constant practice, but that fitness, uhhh! The thorn in my mom jean, spanx wearing side! I remind myself that everyone is different and I don't have to have the smallest frame, I don't have to be the skinniest, and I don't have to be a gap thigh to do well but I have to be confident in myself to show the judges I love me for me and am proud. In my first pageant I scored #8 in swimwear, in my second state pageant I was tied for #3 and last year I was tied for #2. When I feel down about if I'm doing enough or if I'm doing what it takes I like to pull up my pictures from previous years to show myself just how far I've come!

I'm going to challenge you to do the same! Find some pictures and keep them where you can access them. Do a side by side on your progress and whenever you feel discourage, pull them up so you can see how far you've come and pat yourself on the back! It's okay to indulge here and there but just remember to do so in stride and only here and there but also give yourself the gift of healthy habits. I promise that in the end you are going to be so much happier by fitting in those skinny jeans than you were eating that Little Debbie (well, most days at least!) Below are pictures of me from 2015, 2016, and 2018. I love seeing how far I have come and any time I feel down or that I am not doing enough, I take a look at these and remind myself what I am doing is working! Now go get on it!

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