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Flipping Our Schedule!

Okay so this past week has been a hardcore dose of reality for a lot of us. It's terrifying to see the mass changes that have occurred over the past two weeks due to the COVID-19. I have changed into a full time working Payroll Director AND homeschooling mom of a Pre-K child and Kindergarten child. I will say one thing...THANK YOU to the educators out there because there are a lot of us seeing just how hard your jobs are. If you are like me and working full time from home and also being a teacher, I feel for you. It's hard but I'm thankful I am home safe with my family. For those doctors, nurses, and medical professionals out there on the front line, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for risking your lives and putting the fate and health of others your main priority.

So this past week I have had to be "teacher" to my boys and I will say one thing....DARN. I thought having these cute little desks with all of their supplies at their little fingers and me organizing everything would make it easy. I.WAS.WRONG.

I've been trying to convince myself I'm doing good but let's face it, I'm worried that I'm not giving them the tools they need to succeed for next year. I'm sure most of you that are also homeschooling have had a flood of emotions as well so I'm going to go ahead and speak for us all when I say, YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB! God will carry all of us through these times. If you don't have kiddos and you're closed up at home and clawing at the walls, it will get better. Go buy some wine at the drive through because I may have wiped out Aldi! LOL

Because we are all trying our best to stay home and keep from getting ourselves or others sick, especially ourselves, we are getting a little stir crazy but we've also been using this time to cherish memories we would not have gotten had we been working and at our normal school schedule. This last week we have gotten to do Bible study together every morning. We've had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. We have taken our dogs walking every day as a family. We may have a little spat or 20 on getting work done timely but we are making progress, we are reading, we are learning new shapes, and working on math so we are making headway.

I thought it may be fun to share some of the things I have learned about online as good learning resources while you are at home.

1.) - they are offering free codes during this time so you can register for nothing. You have to go to to be able to use the code, though, so make sure you don't put your email in on the homepage. The code listed online that will give you a free subscription is SCHOOL7771.

2.) The Georgia Aquarium has live feed for several of their aquariums and even the penguins! This is fun to look at and could be a great lesson on mammals, fish, and the ocean in general.

3.) Fun and creative crafts as a form of science. I have found lots of great ideas on pinterest and we made playdoh with broken crayons instead of food coloring the other day. I'm attaching a few creative ideas I found!

4.) Fun websites that can help you learn and not realize you're learning! I love when you sneak learning into fun!

So hang in there as we all conform to finding ways to work, teach, stay sane during this crazy time. I pray that each of you will stay safe and healthy and do your best to quarantine yourselves to prevent the spread of this sickness.




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