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Being a Mom in Fitness Wear

I try not to laugh when I type this, but being a Mom trying to compete in fitness wear sometimes frustrates me. I don't have a 6 pack, heck I didn't when I was 105 pounds in high school, let alone after kids and hitting my 30s, but that's okay with me. So, I went to Atlanta yesterday for my fitness wear fitting. I know, some girls and ladies LOVE this event. My friend, Melanie, said this was her favorite event. I am pretty sure I gave her the stank face with the whhhyyyy look to accompany it. But, here's my thought on fitness, I am a size 4, I have a good top part and my legs are in shape. I go to the gym, I do my squats, and you know what, I have a mom pooch and I'm okay with that because my body grew a human. So, I don't expect to get 10s on my "looks" in fitness but I am proud of my body and there should be no shaming going on from me or anyone else there. It doesn't matter if you are a size 00 or a size 12, if you are comfortable with your size and you are taking care of yourself then you should show NO shame! So ROCK on Mama's who compete in fitness wear. If you have a 6 pack, bravo to you. I am a little jealous but I have fully decided that I am going to have no shame in a little pooch and maybe more in the middle than some of the others. That's okay, my body made a baby and I will keep reminding myself that when I'm rocking it out on stage in a few weeks! #mombod #shakewhatyourbabygaveyou

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